Fajsz is a settlement that was founded by Fajsz, the grandson of the conquering Árpád. History is consistent, for even though all the neighbouring settlements are inhabited by national minorities, Fajsz has stayed a "Hungarian" village. Fajsz is a "classic nature conservation" settlement, as it is bordered by the largest river of the country, the Danube on one side, and surrounded by croplands. Even route 51 by-passes it.

Village attractions: The settlement is the centre of the world-famous seasoning paprika region of Kalocsa and the herb-growing region of Sárköz. The most famous plough-land vegetable growing programme in the country was launched by the co-operative managed by "Daddy Berta". The cutting edge organic-vegetable project known throughout the EU, spanning over the political transition and the turn of the millennium, was implemented by the Berta generation of today.

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