Our most important crops

Wheat, spice paprika, parsley, corn, spinach, dill, tomato,
garlic, marjoram, carrot, onion, celery, leek, parsnip,
pritaminpaprika, savory, cress, sweet corn, green peas.

Sea buckthorn, elder, lovage, chives, oregano, thymian,
grape, pear, rhubarb, horse- radish.

Post-harvest crop
Red beet, mustard, pumpkin, basil, broad bean, zucchini, broccoli, egg – plant.

Companion planting
Alfalfa, phacelia, field beet

Initially we worked with kiln industry service providers to process our farm products harvested from organic fields. We founded our processing company BIO-DROG-BERTA LTD. with our children in 1995. We built a processing plant in Fajsz as a green-field investment. The first product we processed was marjoram.

The ten years since the plant was set up, has been a series of well-organised developments of finding new alternatives to improve processing and product quality. Preservation through dehydration has been improved by implementing a parboiling technology, setting up a mill for grinding white and green products, adopting a method for grinding paprika down and another one to reduce germs. We also set up a machine to produce seasoning blends.

The 200 litre steam distiller offers a new way of preservation. The latest development at the company, the fruit and vegetable juice concentrate production technology is considered cutting edge by Hungarian specialists on the field.

The production of dehydrated products has been done according to ISO 9002 from 1997, and the whole food production is done according to HACCP from 2002. Each stage of the process is controlled and certified by Biokontroll Hungária Kht., BioSuisse and NOP.

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