Dreams are forever, but being faithful to one’s dreams, and fulfilling one’s dreams is a story beyond wonder. To fulfil our dream – "LET ORGANIC FOODS COVER THE TABLE" -, we need your help. Hopefully, this dream can be dreamt and fulfilled by every one of our fellow countryman and woman.

I recommend organic foods to those who give preference to reform nutrition, vegetarians, for those who are on a diet and for those who beside having a healthy nutrition stick to the delicious flavours. I personally guarantee the best quality of my product, which  products are continuously controlled by Biokontroll Hungaria Nonprofit Ltd. Bio Suisse and NOP. Download our recommendation and product list!

I believe that, in spite of living in a rushing world and being addicted to fast food restaurants and prepared and semi-prepared foods, we have the spirit to preserve the flavours of our own, our family and the place we live at for posterity. You do not have to do anything, but convey the love for these family and street flavours to your children, grandchildren and their neighbours. The rest – may God give us strength and endurance – is up to BIO BERTA products. | Dr. Berta Zoltán |

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