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Laying down the foundations of plough-land organic farming

We founded Berta Bt. in 1990 to produce
organic vegetable, herb and fruit on plough-land.

We have had to face numerous difficulties since the company was established: for one, organic farming had no traditions, and the financial and production means were also lacking. With the other farmers around us unwilling to set up a company, we had nothing but our determination to rely on.
From 1992 on others began to follow our example, and by 1995 we had the standard European size and structure.  To secure the yield, and maintain excellent quality, we upgraded our original tool-kit (spade, hoe, rake), replacing them with world standard, standardised machine and equipment park.

We entered the 21st century, having integrated 50 families, 30 species of plants and 70 hectares of irrigable land.